If spotting fashion trends and translating those to suit our customer needs is what you do.

Buying comprises of building ranges that will meet the customers’ (evolving) needs. Our Buying teams focus on sourcing quality merchandise at costs that will be affordable to our customers, and will result in profitable sales. Our Buyers require strong commercial thinking in order to deliver appropriate product ranges, together with an understand of our retail competitors and the South African consumer. Careers offered in this exciting part of our business include Buyers Assistants, Buyers, Product Co-ordinators and Product Technologists. Another important department within our Buying division is our Product Technology team.

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If you’re always connected to business, even when you’re on the go.

The Ackermans Talk team operates in an exciting and dynamic world where the communications and retail industries meet. We’re responsible for sourcing, planning, distributing and promoting communications products and services, such as mobile phones, accessories, airtime and data. As part of the cellular team, you’ll work closely with partners, such as cellular providers, to ensure we provide our customers with the latest deals and cellular information.

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If communicating about brands and products floats your creative boat.

As part of this team, you will be responsible for attracting customers to our stores through creative advertising and marketing strategies and initiatives. Our diverse marketing team consists of Advertising, Customer Relations, Research & Insights, Communications, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Social Media. The Marketing team comprises of creative and dynamic individuals all working together to promote our brand and products through all available channels and in all available formats.

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If a well-balanced and thought-out budget gives you goose bumps.

Our well-organized Finance team ensures all the financial and account aspects of our business are in order. The Team focuses on our stock levels, fixed assets, overheads, trade creditors as well as the general ledger functions for all our financial transactions, locally and internationally. Another important department within our Finance team is our Payroll Department. If you good with numbers, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

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If broadening the reach of an account plus value-added services interests you.

We also ensure that these accounts stay active and that the instalments are paid on time, As part of the Financial Services team, you’ll help us to grow our customer account base by looking for new opportunities to add values to the lives of our customers through additional services. Opportunities like insurance, personal loans and mobile contracts offer us opportunities to promote our account offering to our customers.

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If teamwork is your thing!

We have 3DCs, and they supply the whole of SA and stores beyond our borders – no easy task! Efficiency is the name of the game, as well as meeting the stores’ service level requirements, and doing so cost-effectively in order to support the company’s sake strategy and business objectives. The DC is responsible for performing valuable functions such as receiving, storage, picking, shipping and other value-adding services, like creating hanger inserts. The DC manages its performance through measuring and excelling in the following areas: responsiveness, reliability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, finance and sustainability. Having the right technology, processes, people and leadership enables us to deliver a competitive and highly effective DC operation.

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If people planning & managing top talent is your passion.

Career opportunities in the department include (but are not limited to) becoming part of our Benefits team, which educates employees on any assistance programmes, funds or schemes associated with their employment. You can also be part of the Generalist team, who is responsible for the attraction and selection of new talent as well as general assistance and advice to employees and managers about performance, employee engagement as well as matters and events related to our performance-driven company culture. Alternatively, join our Training team, which aims to develop and train employees, ensuring their success and growth within Ackermans.

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If providing 5* customer service is your number 1 priority.

Our Field team strives to provide a 5-STAR experience for our customers, while our Operations Support team focuses on the effective use of space and store design to create an environment where we are able to attractively present our range and assortment of merchandise. As part of the Ops team, you could focus on any of the following areas: working in one of our stores, visual merchandising, properties or maintenance. With over 460 stores throughout SA, and a planned expansion of at least 50 stores per annum, the Ackermans Ops team is growing rapidly.


If predicting, forecasting and knowledge what’s going to happen comes to you as second nature.

Together with our logistics team, they ensure that the correct amount of stock reaches the right stores at the right time. In a fast-paced environment, Planning at Ackermans means making sound business decisions to maximize profitability based on thorough analysis, and taking into consideration the areas of our business. Ultimately Planning is responsible for stock levels in the stores, so they have a very important role to play in the success of a store.

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If getting things from A to B in the best possible way gives you a sense of fulfillment.

As part of the Supply Chain Management team, you’ll challenge the business to collaborate with stakeholders and drive continuous improvement that enables the merchandise to flow from supplier to store in a controlled, systematic, efficient and cost-effective manner. Careers offered in this exciting discipline of our business are System Management, Supply Chain Planning, Business Analysts, Freight Management, and Supply Chain Engineering to mention but a few.

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If you are skilled in the world of IT and want to be part of a vibrant, people-focused team, you should be talking to Pepkor IT.

The IT team is responsible for envisioning and setting goals in the information technology department of our company. Our IT team makes sure that all computer systems are kept as reliable and efficient as possible. Continual upgrading and maintenance in the IT department includes installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners. Other duties are maintenance upgrades, resolving password problems, setting up accounts for staff and maintaining records of software licences.

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