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As young people set out to find employment or create self-employment they need skills that will help them to transition from the world of education into the world of work. ReadytoWork provides learning material that will help young people develop work skills, people skills, money skills and entrepreneurship skills. Young people can select their own learning pathway depending on individual needs and complete the learning online using computer, tablet or mobile platforms. Facilitators can register to access learning material and resources required to support young people on their journey.

Here’s more about the ReadytoWork material, including key skills and learning topics. If you want to find out more or access the ReadytoWork resources, register as a ReadytoWork user, if you haven’t already.

Find out more about how ReadytoWork learning works with the ReadytoWork Learner Guide, which covers topics like:
What is ReadytoWork?
What can I learn from ReadytoWork?
How do I get started as a ReadytoWork learner?
How much learning time am I committing to and how much time do I have to complete it?
How does e-learning work?
How and when should I complete ReadytoWork learning?
Are there activities and assessments an do I need to complete them or pass them?
How does this e-learning portal keep a record of my learning?
Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to access ReadytoWork?
What do I get when I complete ReadytoWork learning?
How to Apply

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