Job Title: Courier Driver Helper/Assistant
IN  ORDER TO BE SHORTLISTED,PLEASE ENSURE THAT FULL CV,CERTIFICATION, DRIVERS LICENCE & REFERENCES ARE SENT TO 08 6218 35523 x extremely reliable and clear thinking Driver Assistants/Helpers required by very busy Logistics Concern.



1.Load product into freezers when required
2.Help drivers with directions/route planning
3.Plan, organize and effectively used space in trucks
4.Pad, stack, and secure items in position on truck to prevent damage during shipment.
5.Ensure all package are accounted for and also signature receieved.
6.Work in conjunction with the driver to expedite delivery.
7.All package are organized within the vehicle and the driver helper will need  to quickly walk the package to the customer
8.Assist driver with unloading goods during delivery.
9.Sort and palletize goods to be loaded for delivery.
10.Work closely with supervisor to ensure that production line flows efficiently
11.Stack cardboard boxes and pallets to maintain a clean work area.
12.Complete all tasks accurately and completely in order to meet internal/external customer requirements.
13.Seek to improve processes and communicate to co-workers and management.
14.Conduct business in a professional and courteous manner and attitude.
15.Ensure product is stacked neatly and safely within the warehouse and the delivery truck.
16.Perform all tasks according to Standard Operating Procedures to ensure a safe work environment for all associates.

1.Matric/Grade 12
2.Code 10 Drivers Licence
3.Working without close supervision
4.Taking responsibility for the safety of the truck and its cargo
5.Have physical fitness and stamina
6.Good  Depth perception;
7.Be responsible with sober habits;
8.Be able to sit for long hours without losing concentration.
9.1 year +experience in a cargo driver/assistant driver role

Remuneration Offered
R16000 CTC plus overtime, allowances and benefits

Job Ref: Courier Driver Assistant/Helper
Hours: Shifts
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Working Term: Permanent
Salary: R16000
Application Deadline: 23/08/2016


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