Mistakes women make in bed

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After launching the successfully received mistakes that men make in bed, it is upon female clientele request that we look at their bed slip-ups.

Women often complain about how their men are not performing to their needsmake a fuss about mistakes that men do in quest of giving them the desired pleasure. But study shows that 41percent of those are as a result of mistakes that women make, men are affected by what women do or lack of it thereof, for smooth flowing bedroom experiences avoid the following:

Don’t Fake it

  • It’s no secret that men love partners who have orgasms but faking it to please them only robs you of the pleasure you deserve and what he wants you to have. It makes him believe that he is nailing it, which will lead to repetition of the same sexual position that achieved the fictions act and that only takes you away from actually having the desired orgasms. If it’s your first time together, just get off on an honest beginning.

If you don’t have an orgasm, and he asks if you did, be bold enough and tell him the truth.

  • Be connected

If you are emotionally connected, the experience can last as long as you want it to last, and it can be everything you both desire it to be. Due to rejection and other issues, some women go out of their way to disconnect. This behavior may protect your heart but will do nothing for your sexual experiences. Intimacy is not s_x and s_x is not intimacy, but intimate s_x is awesome. If you have rejection and trust issues, just give your whole-self as if you won’t love tomorrow and love him as if there is nothing more to live for. Now connect and give yourself to him. You just might have the orgasm of your life and he may too.

Don’t chase the puppy

Rejection in lovemaking is the worst of all things. Men are a lot like puppies. Imagine coming home after a long day and your puppy bounces to the door with the most affectionate greeting, but rather than showering him with love and affection, you kick the poor pet. How often do you think that needs to happen before the little guy slows his approach and finally stops greeting you? The same goes for men. Unless you want him to lose interest, and that can happen quite easily, find the way to get yourself into the mood, each time and forever.

  • Always find new spots

Beds are for sleeping and often for s_x, but if your s_x life is becoming boring, you are probably horizontal way too much. Find different places in the house, and find different places other than the house, there is much more pleasure in having it in awkward and unexpected palaces including garages, staircases, bathrooms and offices. Always be on the lookout for a greatplace to take your man, and if you are creative, surprise him by leading him to the spot you discovered. Guess what handsome? I found a new spot. Now get over here.

Go for the Mic

While you enjoy it when he goes down on you but you always find an escape route when he wants the same. No man can resist a good job down there. In fact most men complain about women resisting to give them a bl_w job, do him a big favour for all the effort he puts to satisfy you in bed, let him enjoy a good sucking session too. Whenever possible, beat the hygienic barrier by taking him to the shower before the act.

Be hygienic

Cleanliness is compulsory to all partners, if you love him to go down there but you are not clean, this will definitely put him off, make sure you are fresh before take him down there and if you have an infection, just say it do not wait after the session to break the news.

Get In the flow

If you’ve just started fooling around, and he caresses your hair or something harmless like that, don’t dramatically moan. Too much melodrama during sex is highly annoying. On the other hand, if you are in sync, anything goes including all the sound effects of a jungle. This doesn’t mean that turn into a mute lamb, but practice discretion.

If you watch out for some of these mistakes and your man is still wanting on many occasions, save your marriage by visiting a professional marriage counselor.

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