Five relationship destroyers


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What is the current state of your relationship? Coasting along? Receiving a silent treatment? Or your partner is no verge of replacing you? For the benefit of the about to end, smooth running or the future relationships these five things and all other previously discussed issues will wreck any relationship so be on the guard to avoid them.

Past experiences

Ghost shadows from your past can cast a spell on the present relationship, be it drug issues, gambling problems, criminal records, self- worthy problems, dependency issues. It will be unreal to shove them under thebridge, one way or another; it will have an impact in your current relationship. Therefore partners must disclose their past and talk about once and for all. Conflicts and quarrels will arise in every relationship but AVOID to use your partners past against them.


Over possessiveness and jealousy on your part will only make your partner feel trapped; this could lead them wanting to leave the trap because you make them feel oppressed. Giving your partner the attention they need, is ok but over doing it is disastrous, be on the guard to demarcate the difference of attention and over possessiveness.

  • Sexual problems

Is he making mistakes in bed or is she doing what she is not supposed to do?  And you are all unable to talk about it or get it together to go for professional help? Different people have different sexual needs, partners must collectively discuss their needs, and it is everyone’s responsibility to satisfy the fellow partner. In case of complicated issues, seek professional help before it is too late.

  • Extended family

Statistics show that many Southern African divorces emanate or include an element of In-laws interference and this mainly affect women. Submission is never about oppression it is all about covering, the father of the house must be on the guard to avoid his family tossing his wife. When parents are not happy with your choice of spouse always convince them by talking positive things about him/her in their presence.

Parenting styles 

  • Parents need to present a united front to their children, you must walk on the same page, thus avoid being contradictory as far as parenting is concerned, to avoid confusion in children and stresses in relationships. This is of paramount importance especially when you have step-children. Parents need to set ground rules and stick to them.

Divorces are nasty and in most cases the children suffer the most, be on guard to protect the relationship that you have for the sake of innocent souls.

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