Dating Tips: 10 Possible Reasons Why You Are Still Single

aaaabthOk, we all are harbouring that secret wish for a Lord to materialise from that hazy mist of boulevard of broken dreams, with all the perks that come with him: a chauffeur-driven bentley, that mansion in kensington, the family home far away from the madding crowd, etc. Stop slobbering over unrealistic dreams. It’s wasting your time, and you could well be missing crucial opportunities with that hunk who rides a bullet.

Corrective measures:

Get a job. Stop daydreaming about Mr money bags.

You find online dating risky

It is 2016. And while there is the odd chance that you’ll end up with a bunny boiler, not every person online is a stalker or a sociopath. Your trepidation of meeting absolute strangers could well be one of the reasons you are still on your own. Start out with making an online profile. Take this aspect seriously. Look for a decent photograph of yours. Like point 1, remember that approachability in the cyber world is as crucial as your being affable in the real world. It’s time for tinder, whether you like it or not.

Corrective measures:

Most millennials find online dating to be a convenient way to find true love. Try it for a change.

You have issues with intimacy

This can go either way. Either you’re too shy, or you’re too eager. If you have issues with going all the way on the first date, do keep in mind that a snog-fest (if you like your date) is perfectly acceptable. Not even going as far as a kiss or holding hands gives your date/potential lover the sign that you’re not interested.

It’s also bad manners, because you’re making your date feel undesirable. On the other hand, pulling off a mauke-pe-chauka and jumping your date is sheer desperation. Balance your carnal urges and find the right algorithm between lust and caution.

Corrective measures:

Learn to trust and to let go too.

You ghost on people

You’ve been single for so long that there is a sense of detachment and self-sufficiency. It makes you infinitely cool, but in the process, are you also losing crucial communication skills in your solitary utopia?

Ghosting on friends is still ok, they already know you’re a freak. Ghosting on dates (without a legitimate reason) gives out a signal that you’re fickle, you’re flaky, you’re inexperienced in starting and ending matters of the heart.

Corrective measures:

Keep communication channels open, unless you’re being stalked.

You’re ‘happy’ to be single

The ladies’ night cosmopolitans are best seen on TV. Stop consuming them in reality. Or that raucous boys’ night out at some godforsaken pub must be hilarious every once in a while. But at no point should you kid yourself that it beats the real thing: being in a serious relationship.

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