Harambee Youth Employment

Harambee is the place for you to find your confidence and suitable employment.

Don’t believe it is possible.

  • Are you 18 – 28 years old, with a matric, diploma/degree and struggling to find a job? Harambee can help you!
  • We will ASSESS you to understand the type of job you are best suited for
  • We will MATCH you to jobs we have on our database
  • We will PREPARE you for interviews
  • We will help you GET READY for work

Did you Know?

Harambee achieves 10,000 jobs target

What they Achieved

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerators (“Harambee”) has doubled the number of young people it has placed into employment in the last six months.

In South Africa, two out of three people are currently unemployed.

This amounts to two million individuals.

But businesses can change this by employing first-timers.

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerators is about employment: creating sustainable jobs for young, disadvantaged people.


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